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7 House Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

When it comes to home cleaning, the goal is to achieve a spotless home in the fastest way possible. However, it can be too difficult to achieve because of some home cleaning mistakes that we do. Often, there are some home cleaning mistakes that you may unconsciously do that prevents you from having a squeaky clean home. Here are some of them:

1. Not Color Coding Rags

One of the most common mistakes of home cleaning is using the same rags for all surfaces and areas. In case you don’t know, using the same cloths only causes you to spread germs. Color coding would help you identify which rags would only be used for specific surfaces.

2. Scrubbing Carpet Spills

It is pretty standard for us to act on instinct when we spill something on our carpets. When you notice a stain on your carpet, don’t rush to scrub it. It would only damage your carpet fibers. While it may help you remove the stain out, the carpet fibers would not be as lucky since you won’t be able to untwist them. Using a stain remover is the best approach in this case.

3. Using Too Much Water

Water is a powerful cleaner. But like any other things, too much can also be harmful. A typical home cleaning mistake is using too much water, especially on upholstery. You should know that some fabric types are prone to water damage. Exposing metal parts to water can also cause rusting.

4. Mixing Cleaning Products

There are tons of home cleaning products to choose from. It can get really overwhelming at first. And if you don’t know what you should use, you may resort to combining several products in an attempt to strengthen the cleaning power. However, this is a common home cleaning mistake that you should avoid. Mixing products like bleach, detergent, and ammonia can cause damage to fragile surfaces. It can also release fumes that can be detrimental to your health.

5. Poor Cleaning Schedule

Often, our cleaning schedule would depend on how busy we are. Home cleaning is usually scheduled when we are free that we no longer consider the weather conditions. One mistake we commonly see in the home that Brazilian Maids have serviced is smeared windows. Many people would clean their windows when sunny, which only causes the heat to dissipate the cleaning fluid faster, which would only leave smears. Another mistake is vacuuming their home first before cleaning surfaces. Chances are they are going to re-vacuum their floor after dusting.

6. Directly Spraying Furniture

Direct application of cleaning products onto the surfaces of your furniture can only cause build-up. Over time, it would be harder to remove these and only attract more dust. A workaround here is applying the cleaning product to the rag rather than the furniture surface.

7. Not Cleaning Frequently

It can be tempting to put off cleaning your home when it gets to busy. However, delaying it can only cause dirt to accumulate that you would have to spend more time cleaning your home. If you are too busy, you can always hire professional home cleaners like Brazilian Maids to come and clean your home, depending on your preferred schedule.

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