Meet Our Brazilian Founder Patricia Egosi

Brazilians are obsessed with cleaning and Patricia Egosi is no different.

For more than 20 years she has played the role of an excellent Brazilian housewife and cleaned her home to the last speck of dust every day.

However, when she worked for cleaning companies, as a private household manager, and in more such house-care jobs, she found a shocking truth, house cleaners do not do deep cleaning, and they usually use the same cleaning supplies for different areas of the house. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and in 2017, Brazilian Maids was born.

Patricia Egosi 


My family and friends have always been my inspiration.

Everyone always compliments my ability to keep my residence spotless

As they always say, "Brazilians clean the house with a toothbrush"

Who Are Brazilian Maids?

We provide complete cleaning solution for homes and offices. We work with all budget sizes.

At Brazilian Maids, we want to help our customers get their houses and offices professionally cleaned for less.

We know life does not always afford you a lot of time or even money to clean. So, we made professional cleaning affordable.

We have a great team of people who follow industry best practices and use high-quality cleaning products to get you the best results.

Spotless homes by Brazilian Maids...

Why Choose Brazilian Maids

Behind our commitment to excellence are few key attributes that define who we are and what makes us different from any other.

*Affordable fixed rates
*Traditional values of customer satisfaction
*Hard work, dedication and attention to detail aimed at providing the highest level of service
*We always strive to understand the individual needs of our clients
*Outstanding customer service with high communication skills
*We work with the best products and cleaning techniques in the market
*Reliable professionals
*Local Las Vegas Company

So, the Real Question is – Who Wouldn’t Choose Brazilian Maids?

The most affordable and high-quality service in the Greater Las Vegas Area.

Free Estimate!

Before you hire us, you can get a free Estimate to get a clearer picture of what’s included in our services and the associated costs. Our experience tells us that you will instantly agree with our offers. Who wouldn’t want a sparkly clean life, and that too at our prices!

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