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How to Keep Your House with Pets Clean

Updated: Mar 28

Bella, the beloved furry companion of Brazilian Maids CEO, adds a touch of warmth and companionship to our cleaning endeavors.

How to Keep Your House with Pets Clean

Pets bring joy and companionship to our lives, but they also come with their fair share of messes.

There are plenty of households that enjoy taking care of pets, which is also an effective way of keeping you happier and healthier. You must also be aware that keeping pets in your homes is always associated with maintaining cleanliness. It would be hazardous to you and your family’s health when you do not tend the mess that your pet made.

Here are some tried and tested tips to maintain a fresh and clean home while taking care of pets:

1. Give Your Pets the Proper Hygiene

Owning pets is also affiliated with responsibilities to provide their needs. Dogs also need a daily walk to keep them healthy. When you do so, be prepared that they would get dirty. Their paws and fur will accumulate dirt and dust, which they will inevitably spread throughout the house when you guys get back home.

You should be able to clean their fur by merely dusting off the visible dirt. Experts do not recommend using shampoo too often on your pet, so it would be best to wash them off with water to remove the dirt and grime. Don’t forget to give your dog shampoo, trimming, or de-shedding from time to time. If you prefer, you may hire professionals to do the grooming for you.

2. Have a Dedicated Pet Cleaning Station

With a pet at home, it is hard to keep your home free from mud and other dirt. If you think about it, when you walk your dog and let them in your house, you automatically get dirt and mud. It would also be a problem when you have to run after your dog because you had to get your rags and mat from another area. All these can be a pain to clean off.

You can address this by having a spot where you can clean your dog. Place a little cabinet in the entryway where you can put rags and other cleaning materials, so everything is within an arm’s reach. Make sure to have a doormat, cleaning rags, and a water spray bottle.

3. Purchase a Strong Vacuum Cleaner

We all know that taking care of pets means having to deal with fur, particularly when they are shedding. Pet hair can get stuck in hard-to-reach areas. Having a powerful vacuum with a strong suction can help you get the job done. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting allergies when you inhale their hair while lying cozily on your sofa.

4. Train Your Pet

One of the downsides of taking care of a pet is the constant need to clean after them. Dogs and cats can poop and pee anywhere they want, and it can be pretty annoying when you constantly have to scoop and mop after they’ve done their deeds. Training their bathroom practices can help you limit the amount of cleaning that you have to do.

5. Hire Professional Home Cleaners And Keep Your House And Pet Clean

When you entrust home cleaning to experts, you can have the assurance that they would make sure your home is squeaky clean while using cleaning products that would be safe for your pets. These professional home cleaners would have the right knowledge on how to clean areas frequented by pets and remove the lingering smell left by your fur babies. Professional residential cleaners like Brazilian Maids can ensure that you can maintain a clean home no matter how many pets you may have.

Owning a pet can have many advantages. Don’t let the constant cleaning take away the joy of taking care of a pet by following our tips.

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